One thousand years ago, the Kami, the Children of the Heavens fell to Earth. One, Fu Leng, was lost, falling far into Hell and becoming a lord of pain and darkness. The other children forged an Empire, joining their fates to the mortals. The Kami had a contest to see who would rule their Empire. Hantei won the contest, and founded the Imperial Dynasty. Akodo formed the Clan of the Lion, the Army of Rokugan and Hantei’s right hand. Lady Doji founded the Crane clan, merchants and courtiers. Shiba founded the sorcerous Phoenix clan. Togashi the enigmatic Dragon of the northern mountains. Bayushi gathered the tricksters and liars, and called them the Scorpion. Hida took his Crab warriors to the south, to defend the Empire against the terrible demon minions of their brother. Finally, Lady Shinjo led her Unicorn followers out of Rokugan to explore the lands beyond. It would be 800 years before her children returned, and they would learn strange ways from the gaijin outsiders.

The Clans still follow the precepts of Bushido, interpreted in their own manner, but rivalries and hatreds have formed between some of the Clans. Some have fled from honor’s demands to become Ronin, masterless men. Spirits are everywhere and in everything. A thousand years have passed since the Kami brought order and honor to Rokugan. A thousand years, some prosperous, some lean, some peaceful, and many filled with bloodshed and war.

The Shadow of the Boar

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